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Another Adventure

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Host: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Photo prompt: Copyright© Dawn Q. Landau
Photo prompt: Copyright© Dawn Q. Landau

He had always been with me, but I think this was too much for him now. After exploring Europe, The Himalayas, and working in a real safari, I wasn’t ready to let him go. Getting that tip about the amazons seemed like a miracle.

The railroad was ending soon, and then the wilderness of the jungle would be too dense for him to walk by himself. But I wasn’t giving up, he stood with me when I blew off college and through every adventure.

I’ll find that Fountain of Youth in time.

“C’mon boy, we gotta catch up with the group”

Word count: 100

Self Portrait

With a cup of coffee in my hand a cautious step, I approached the full-length mirror that morning. I wondered how she would look this time, would our troubled roots be so deep down we’d need more time to reconcile?
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