25 Signs You Are Married To The Struggle.

Who knew I’ve actually been married all this time?

Paula vs Patriarchy

  1. Every morning you wake up and remember you live in a patriarchy.


2. You waste no time introducing (all of) yourself when you meet someone new.


3. When someone catcalls you, you are past the point of hatred.


4. You never truly know if you will be able to make it through an entire conversation with your uber-conservative grandfather.


5. Your response to the age-old argument about feminism and its damaging effects on society.


6. You no longer care when someone tells you that doing this or that won’t help you land a significant other.


7. As hard as you try, sometimes you can’t resist replying to an ignorant/offensive Facebook status.


8. Your automatic response to “You’re just mad because you don’t have a boyfriend”.


9. Your guy friends now just refer to you as ‘the feminist’ of the group.


10. Your friends know not to tell you about the sexism…

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