A Little Lesson About History

I heard somewhere one time that the reason we study our past is to make sure we know ourselves as a race so well, we stop making the same mistakes over and over. However in reality that is not the case, no, in reality history just keeps repeating itself. Our legacy as a race so far is a never-ending vicious cycle. All the wars, conflicts, acts of terrorism, it’s all the same in its core. Time only changes the people involved and maybe, sometimes, the circumstances, but the rest stays still. Whatever the time period or the place in the world, the situation is the same: Those in power use it to stay that way, and chase and discard of whatever threatens it or doesn’t serve their purpose, and of course, those who think differently won’t give up that easily. And yes, I realize I sound a lot like Karl Marx, but I do believe he had a point in his conflict theory. I find amazing how, despite all the evidence and people that have stated the same thing, we still keep on tripping over the same stone. Talk about not recognizing something even if it’s staring at us in the face, because believe me… It’s staring, for some time now.

You’d think that with all the technological advances made everyday and the centuries of experience we have tucked in our pockets, we, smart individuals, would’ve figure things out by now. We should have learned already that fighting each other doesn’t really gets us anywhere, except right back where we started. We would be much better off using that time to something more productive, like, I don’t know, improving our education system and our economy, so that people can have jobs and use the money to find a place to live, feed and take care of their families.

In order to ensure our survival, we need to come to the understanding that each human being in existence has it’s own mind, deal with it, and accept it. Because in the end that is exactly what makes us humans in the first place. We can’t pretend to take away another individual’s perspectives, or change their believes or way of thinking. The same way, we can’t allow our nature to be our destruction. We need to be smarter than that, instead, we need to take advantage of our diversity and differences and make it work for us. After all, those old sayings like: “If you can’t defeat them, join them.” and “Take your weaknesses and make them your strengths,” have a point. We would be so much stronger if instead of wasting time being so narcissistic, we respected each other and worked in mutual cooperation towards the goal the entire humanity shares: Achieving the greater good.

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