A Male Dominance Nobody Thinks About

It is quite known that things like street harassment, rape, and salary differences between genders should be discussed, but, what about chivalry? Have you stopped to think about the meaning behind the notions that “men should always pay”, “men need to open the door for their lady”, and “men are stronger, ergo they should always do the heavy work”? Even with a guy we just met, when there isn’t love involved yet, we expect them to behave that way simply because they’re men and we are women. All those actions, disguised as sweet and gentleman like, do nothing but perpetuate the idea that women are weak and should be protected and taken care of and are part of the water that keeps the feminist fire down. The worst part of all is that us women do nothing about it, and even encourage it, because let’s face it, we like it.

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with having someone do nice things for you, but, we are supposed to love and be equal with our partners, right? So why don’t treat each other equally sweet? We could open each other’s doors, treat each other for dinners and gifts, cook for each other or even gift the other person some rest by taking care of the cleaning once in a while. This preconceived roles that society has laid on us are not set in stone nor permanent, in fact, we now as the generation that’s rising have the power to change them simply by changing our own minds and teaching our children differently so they can teach their children differently and so on.

People were chasing Christians because of their non-shared beliefs, and when the roles switched, the church was chasing Protestants and nonbelievers due to the same reason. Not so long ago, humanity enslaved and marginalized black people because of their different skin color, Jews were massacred because some believed they would besmirch the German race, women were believed to be almost of no use but in the house and the kitchen —not even in education— , and sex was a big taboo for them because they weren’t supposed to be exposed to it until marriage. All of those situations throughout history are based on a single thing: Society fears unknown, society fears different; and it’s almost like they need to chase them and make them disappear to feel safe and in control.

Nonetheless, all of that changed because the children of those people understood that there was no need to fear, no need to do anything but love those around us. And it is not at all different this time, between Feminism, LGBT rights, and the Immigration reform, we’re facing other big changes in history that challenge the stereotypes we were passed on; and it’s up to us to make them happen.

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