That time when I (accidentally) realized that I was proud of myself

There was nothing different about that day, nothing at all. I woke up as sleepy as any other day, dealt with misbehaving kids at work like always, and sat at home to write in an common cold afternoon in the middle of winter. I was writing an article about the story of How I Became a FeministIt dragged me back to moments of personal struggle and, even though I didn’t quite understand it yet, growth.

By the time I made the decision of pulling myself together, I was feeling like I had wasted several relevant years of my life, the time when I should be building the foundations of “my empire” or whatever powerful person I should be becoming. Theoretically I knew I was young and had hopefully many decades of life ahead of me, but being surrounded in college by 19 year old seniors and entrepreneurs who knew exactly what they wanted and weren’t going to sleep until they had it, I felt that by not doing the same, and not being even close to it, I wouldn’t become anything for myself.

In the article I went chronologically, starting from my childhood and explaining all the events that led to me becoming the person that I am today. By the end of it, I stated that simple things that I took care of myself, and that can seem little to most people, “helped [greatly] to shape the person that I am today”. If I’m being completely honest, I chose to say that because it seemed like the right thing to say, but as I typed those words I realized the powerful truth they held.

In that moment I understood that the person I’ve become is strong, funny, confident, and smart. She isn’t afraid anymore of saying what she thinks and beliefs in, and is willing to fight for them. She doesn’t hide behind a shield of false safety (Mostly), and she isn’t afraid of making mistakes, because she’s learned that they are the proof of the fact that she is trying and not simply giving up.

I wish I had the words to describe exactly how empowering that feeling is, to be proud of yourself and how far you’ve come. I might have found what I’m passionate about a little later than a lot of people, but I have the satisfaction that even in those foggy times, I knew myself enough to not settle for things that didn’t feel right. I might not have been sure of a lot of things, and I mean a lot, but I did know with every fiber of my being that choosing something I didn’t absolutely love just for the sake of finishing college in a time frame that was considered acceptable, wasn’t worth my happiness and becoming a bitter and grumpy adult.

Another Adventure

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Host: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Photo prompt: Copyright© Dawn Q. Landau
Photo prompt: Copyright© Dawn Q. Landau

He had always been with me, but I think this was too much for him now. After exploring Europe, The Himalayas, and working in a real safari, I wasn’t ready to let him go. Getting that tip about the amazons seemed like a miracle.

The railroad was ending soon, and then the wilderness of the jungle would be too dense for him to walk by himself. But I wasn’t giving up, he stood with me when I blew off college and through every adventure.

I’ll find that Fountain of Youth in time.

“C’mon boy, we gotta catch up with the group”

Word count: 100

50 Shades of What, you said?

So, it’s been around two weeks since this “acclaimed” movie started to brake ticketing records all over the country. Women are secretly wishing they meet a man just like Christian Grey, and men are discreetly taking notes to bring a little more excitement to the equation the next time they find themselves about to engage in one of those various physical activities.
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Top 9 ways to NOT get raped

We live in a world were losing your phone is a bigger deal than losing your virginity, were women are taught it is their responsibility not to get themselves in a situation were someone might hurt them, and were campaigns like #ItAintRape exists.

So naturally, we need to “be smart” and know how to protect ourselves. In that spirit, Farrah Khan teamed up with Sasha Elford, and Shannon Giannitsopolou to come up with the BEST safety tips to NOT get raped, the smart way.  
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I often wish I knew how to play the piano, and strangely, every time I’d write I would feel like I was doing it. They seemed oddly similar. The way in which typing each letter composed what I hoped was something beautiful, and conveyed the chaos of emotions that own my being.

Siempre había querido aprender a tocar el piano, y cada vez que escribía sentía que de alguna forma extraña lo estaba haciendo. La forma en que tocar teclas al azar con mis dedos componían lo que esperaba fuese algo hermoso y transmitieran el caos de emociones que eran dueños de mi ser.

“The miracle part of love is not just about finding someone that inspires such pure, passionate and unconditional feelings in you, but for you to inspire the same in them. The fact that amid 7 billion people that are alive right now, you found each other, that right there, is the miracle.”

“La parte milagrosa del amor no es solamente el encontrar a alguien que inspire esa clase de sentimientos puros, apasionados e incondicionales en ti, sino que tu también los inspires en esa persona. El hecho de que entre 7 billlones de seres humanos que están vivos ahora mismo, ustedes se hayan encontrado mutuamente, esa coincidencia, es el milagro.” 

Tu derecho se termina donde empieza el de los demás

I know this is a controversial topic, so I’d appreciate if everyone respects my opinion the same way I do others. And please, ready everything before making any assumptions.

Yes, I am a Feminist. I believe in gender equality, that women have the right to earn the same amount of pay for an amount of work as men do. I think that society gender roles are stupid, and we all can pitch in with expenses and house chores regardless of sex.

I am also against abortion.

Being a feminist I’ve struggled for years feeling that it meant I needed to be pro-choice… Except I’m not.

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Self Portrait

With a cup of coffee in my hand a cautious step, I approached the full-length mirror that morning. I wondered how she would look this time, would our troubled roots be so deep down we’d need more time to reconcile?
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The Encounter (Short Story)

 Friday Fictioneers: “Every Friday authors from around the world gather here to share their 100-words and offer constructive crit and encouragement to each other. “

"Balcony" - Photo prompt for this Friday Fictioneers: Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
“Balcony” – Photo prompt for this Friday Fictioneers: Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

While I was outside, I heard my name. I didn’t care, not while I was being stared at… Because I knew they were watching me.

“Shut up.”

“What? Noel, ignore them. Here, this will make you feel better. ”

I didn’t want to, but it didn’t matter. That woman made me take those damn pills anyways. I’ve only been here a week, but that didn’t matter either, I knew they’d find me.

And that night in my room, they did. The light came from the balcony this time, so bright it almost blinded me. I knew I wouldn’t be there the next morning.